Best of the Decade

We're a month off... but let's get started with Best of the Decade!!!!

I decided start off with best teams!

Only problem is...

Each sport: MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB... each team had a pretty clear cut best team. (with a few exceptions). So I just lumped them all together for one big Best Team of the Decade survey.

Here are the nominees:

- Seattle Mariners 2001, 116 wins ties an all time record
- Seattle Supersonics 2004-05, surprised everyone and won the division and advanced to the second round of the playoffs
- Washington Huskies 2005, underachieving #1 seed
- Washington Huskies 2006, sweet 16 team
- Washington State Cougars 2007, sweet 16 team
- Washington Huskies 2001, Rose Bowl win
- Washington State Cougars 2003, lost the Rose Bowl, rebounded to win the Holiday Bowl... all in one year! It's true look it up!
- Seattle Seahawks 2005, got screwed over in the Superbowl.

Ok, so there are the nominees. Let's get some serious participation going to get this party started right! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!


Pervitron 3000 said...

Is there any other State containing at least one NFL, NBA, and MLB team with 2 top-tier universities that did not win a championship in that 10yr span?

Erik said...

I have to go with 2005 Hawks over 2001 M's. Sure the M's had one of the greatest regular seasons ever, but they really blew it in the playoffs.

The Hawks easily could have been 14-2 if they had to, and they actually played well in the playoffs, excluding the Super Bowl. And even with their poor performance in the Super Bowl they still had a chance to win, which was pretty much snuffed out by the refs. Throw in the ridiculous wins against the Cowboys and Giants and the fact that 12th Man was truly established this season, I've got to go with that team.

Also, Finn, it was the 2000 UW football team. The Rose Bowl took place on Jan. 1 2001 though. And while we're on the subject, they should have played Oklahoma for the National Title that year. If anyone needs explanation I'd be glad to elaborate.

Mr. F said...

Erik - Ok, will change.

Pervitron - It's a great question... I think Ohio might be pretty hard up as well. As for cities? The only one worse off than us overall is Cleveland. I've argued that before on here, and no one can tell me otherwise. I DARE THEM! It's so sad that I'm almost proud of this.

As for my vote? I voted for Cougs Basketball.

The three professional sports teams all had pretty heart breaking losses in the playoffs so it's tough for me to remember them without thinking of that. The Huskies are dirty huskies. And while Gesser's Cougars did pretty great getting to the Rose Bowl... I can't help but think back to them blowing (another) Apple Cup.

So I went with Lowe, Weaver, Cowgill and company. I never thought in a million years that I'd be able to root for a relevant college basketball team. I'll be eternally grateful (sp?) to that motely crue of hoop legends!

Mr. F said...

Oh... and I can't edit it now because we've already voted. This blogging survey program has real integrity!

Sooo.. sorry I goofed it. It's the 2000 Huskies Football team. (not liek they'll win anyway... dirty huskei)

Fortune said...

I am going to have to go with the 2004 WSU Football team that won the National Championship!

Erik said...

In repsonse to the earlier comment, Ohio St. won the national championship in 2002, so you can cross them off the list. Yes!

Georgia didn't have any winners. But they also failed to sell out NLDS games, so fuck'em.