Uwwwaaauggh, I'm on a Highway to Hall

According to a reliable source Chris Berman is going to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame, presumably for making those "Woop!" noises on NFL Primetime. Here's a representative from the HOF informing Berman of the news:

Anyway, I'm sure you'll hear more about this when Berman names this as his #1 "Play" of the Week, unless there was some sort of NASA mission or something, which would obviously take the top spot instead. The real suspense now comes in waiting to hear how many classic rock songs Berman quotes or hilariously alters slightly in his speech. As you can see, I've already submitted one as the title to this post, anybody else have some others?


Pete said...

I can't remember when or why I turned on Berman, but I just really can't stand his tired shit anymore.

My guess is that his speech will be one terrible 15-minute spoken word Eagles medley broken up by his trademark half-laugh-head-shake-shoulder-shrug

"Now it seems to me, some fine things have been laid upon my table.
They say I`m lazy but it takes all my time. I keep on going guess I`ll never know why.
Life`s been good to me so far."

And if he doesn't open his speech with "what a long strange trip it's been," I'll be shocked.

wanamaker said...

Even money that he says "But I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now."

Mr. F said...

30 - 1 he sodomizes Favre.

A n D r 0 i D s said...

120-1 favre sodomizes him

Mr. F said...

Actually, I'd put that closer to 10 - 1, cuz you know Berman would be down.

wanamaker said...

30 - 1 he sodomizes Favre.