What would you do if Ichiro elbowed you in the face?

While everyone was caught up in Lebronamania, Jason Vargas took the mound to face the Yankees. For some reason not a lot of people were watching. Here is some awesome footage:



Mr. F said...

That happened to me once, but it was left field and it was Butch Huskey, and he forearmed my skull afterwards. Not cool Butch. Not cool.

Pervitron 3000 said...

As a child, following a 1987 little league game, I was lured into a waiting van by Gaylord Perry. He drove me to a nearby alley where I was brutally beaten over the back with a steal pipe and baseballs were thrown at my groin. I will never be able to father a child thanks to that man.

This girl had it lucky if you ask me.

Erik said...

When I was reading about Gaylord Perry luring you into his van I thought that some sort of spit balls joke was coming.

Pervitron 3000 said...

How dare you make a joke out of this? (you're right though, I missed the easy one there).