Draft Mailbag

We had an overwhelming number of questions mailed in from the Mustacheers regarding all sorts of draft topics. I have selected the very best and answered them in this year's Draft Mailbag

Where does DGP see Jake Locker going?
-Scott K, Bellevue, WA

That’s a tough one. He’s one of the big wild cards in the draft. I’ve heard that he could go as high as #8 to the Titans, but there’s a chance he’ll slip to the end of the first round and then someone would probably trade back in and take him. I read somewhere that the Vikings like him. I don’t want him to end up on the Hawks.
The QB position is pretty weird in this year’s draft because it doesn’t really seem like there are any definite franchise QBs, but there are a ton of teams that need to draft one. So at some point there’s going to be a run on them and guys like Ponder and Dalton are going to get picked earlier than they normally would I think. I kind of like Dalton though.

Did Marcell Darius’ performance on Sports Science solidify him as the #1 pick?
Sean, Edmonds, WA

I think the Sports Science Institute is ridiculous. It makes these guys out to be more powerful than runaway trains. I haven’t seen one with Jake Locker but I imagine they would compare the speed of the ball coming out of his hand to the speed of a bullet leaving the barrel of a gun. They should actually do one where he tries to kill a guy by throwing the ball at his head and then have someone else try to kill him by shooting him with a gun. So, I guess, no, Dareus hasn’t moved up to #1 based on that performance.

When can we expect people tossing to become a measurable statistic at the NFL Combine?
Owen, Edmonds, WA

It’s actually the one sticking point in the collective bargaining negotiations that nobody is talking about.

Are all the D-linemen really this good or does this draft kind of suck?
Matthew W., Mill Creek Country Club

I think there are definitely some talented guys on the D-line, but it does seem like they’re being elevated because some positions are weaker than previous years. There are only 2 receivers that carry a first round grade, maybe one tight end, no safeties, 1 – 3 linebackers. That being said, guys like Dareus, Robert Quinn, Aldon Smith, JJ Watt, Cameron Jordan and a healthy Da’Qwan Bowers would be valued pretty highly in any draft.

I heard a supposed draft expert on the radio say the Seahawks would like to get a Ray Lewis type player at 25. Do you think a Ray Lewis type player would help the Seahawks? (Also – that guy was an idiot and everything he said didn’t make sense. He said the Niners would look at Pat Peterson at their pick)
Matt, Bothell, WA

I have to be honest that getting a player that could provide the type of impact Ray Lewis would be great for the Hawks at 25. I think this moron was on to something. I’d love to invite Dave Razzano to come defend himself on HCM. Please explain why the Niners would just “look” at Peterson at #7. Quit hiding Razzano.

Who is your favorite sleeper?
Matty W, Mill Creek, WA

A few small school guys that I’m going to be watching for are Stephen Burton and Kenrick Ellis. Burton is a 6’1” 221lb wide receiver from West Texas A&M. He would need some time to develop more polished skills, but he looked impressive in the Texas vs. the Nation all-star game. And recently he was spotted on a plane leaving Sea-Tac wearing Seahawks gear. He’ll go in the later rounds. Ellis is a huge DT from Hampton. He’s almost 6’5” and 350lbs. He was kicked out of South Carolina early in his career and has had other legal troubles since. But he has a lot of talent and he would fit well as a true NT in a 3-4. This could mean people are going to look past his character issues and push him up into the late 2nd round. In that same Texas vs Nation game he looked unblockable at times.

Is there a return man who makes a big impact in the draft?
Loaded Cats, Boston, MA

I think the return aspect might be slightly devalued with the terrible new kick-off rule change, but there are still players that will add value by being able to return punts and kicks. One of PPTW is Edmund Gates (WR, Abilene Christian). He ran one of the fastest times at the Combine. Didn’t look quite as good in the actual football drills though. Maybe he can contribute right away as a returned while polishing his receiving skills.

Is Bowers the guy that drops and then has the blow up year winning DROY?
Mat, The Creek

No, that would be the Ray Lewis clone picked by the Hawks at #25.

Why do I think Gabe Carmini is going to be freaking awesome?
Wanamaker, Millcreek, WA

Because most OL guys from Wisconsin are.

I seriously don't know another RB prospect other than Mark Ingram. Anybody good out there?
Finn, Seattle, WA

I think there will be a few guys who come off the board early in the 2nd round who could turn out to be better players than Ingram: Mikel Leshoure from Illinois and Ryan Williams from Virginia Tech. Both guys are pretty physical. Williams has good hands as a receiver out of the backfield and he looks like a badass. A few other guys who should be pretty good value later in the second or early third are Daniel Thomas (6’ 230lbs) from K State and Kendall Hunter (5’7” 199lbs) from Oklahoma State. Two others who might go a bit after that are Johnny White from UNC (McShay loves this guy) and lil’ Jacquizz Rodgers.

Has a ginger QB ever suceeded? I can only think of Marijuanavich.
Finn, Seattle, WA

I can’t think of anybody. Phil Simms was kind of weird looking.

Are you a breast or a$$ man?
Some Creep, Ballard, WA

All I’ll say is that a little tight one can stop me on a dime.

What is the worst case realistic scenario for Seattle in the first round?
Finn, Seattle, WA

That Dave Razzano's crackpot theory is correct that there are only 24 good players in any draft and all 24 players are gone by the time we get to 25. Best case? We get Ray Lewis, Jr.

With the lockout rules in effect on draft day do you expect to see more trades, fewer trades, or as many trades?
-Delaney (Everett, Wa)

Piss off Delaney. I think the number of trades will remain about the same. It would be crazy for that lady judge to actually force the NFL offseason to start today or tomorrow. People would be going crazy and it would probably be the most activity on a single day in the history of the NFL.

Hey DGP, do you think Ryan Mallet is too tall and has too strong of an arm to be a decent NFL QB?
Sean F, Edmonds, WA

Can’t think of any players that tall that have ever been a good QB. It’s a shame his vertical leap is so terrible because he would have added value on the field goal block unit. I’ve actually been trying to talk myself into Mallett being a good pro QB. I’d like to think that he will be. I watched a few more interviews with him now and I think people are trying too hard to find reasons to dislike him. He has a dumb voice so it makes him sound like a moron half the time, but he actually understands the game pretty well. I still think that he made too many poor decisions in some of the games I watched, but he can make all the throws.

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