Seahawks Schedule or...

... as I like to refer to it: "How the NFL continues to screw us"

1 Sun, Sep 11 San Francisco 49ers @ San Francisco - a start on the road? Oh that's just great!
2 Sun, Sep 18 Pittsburgh Steelers @ Pittsburgh - will Pittsburgh EVER have to play here?
3 Sun, Sep 25 Arizona Cardinals vs Arizona - Finally! A home game!!!
4 Sun, Oct 2 Atlanta Falcons vs Atlanta
5 Sun, Oct 9 New York Giants @ NY Giants - 10 AM starts don't get old!
6 Bye
7 Sun, Oct 23 Cleveland Browns @ Cleveland - see above.
8 Sun, Oct 30 Cincinnati Bengals vs Cincinnati - Finally an easily winable game! (shit... I just jinxed it)
9 Sun, Nov 6 Dallas Cowboys @ Dallas - Another Dallas road game. Their greased ball complaints are really paying dividends.
11 Sun, Nov 20 St. Louis Rams @ St. Louis - cake walk.
12 Sun, Nov 27 Washington Redskins vs Washington
13 Thu, Dec 1 Philadelphia Eagles vs Philadelphia - Short week to prepare for the most electrifying team in the league... GREAT!
14 Mon, Dec 12 St. Louis Rams vs St. Louis - cake walk.
15 Sun, Dec 18 Chicago Bears @ Chicago - Another Chicago road game.
16 Sat, Dec 24 San Francisco 49ers vs San Francisco
17 Sun, Jan 1 Arizona Cardinals @ Arizona - Oh great, New Years day on the road! Well at least we won't have to get up early and actually GO to the game.

All this and they look to go 16-0 by my count... 15-1 is Pete feels like resting starters in the last week.... but nah... we all know Pete will go for fortune and glory!


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Mike Lyon said...

You skipped week 10...Baltimore at home. Really the only way the schedule could've been more difficult is if they had sent us to Baltimore instead of Cleveland. Pretty brutal.