The 12th man, eh?

This was forward to the HCM offices just moments ago, and is to be considered BREAKING NEWS!!! (well... almost two years old... but... whatever...).

"Brought to my attention by a friend after I told him about Josh Lucas being a Hawks fan and delivering an epic flag raising....

Per Wikipedia...

"On Jimmy Kimmel Live on July 16, 2009, he said he was an avid fan of the Buffalo Bills of the National Football League, even joining the Bills Backers of LA.[17]"

What a punch to the nuts"

Thanks to Mustacheer EP for forwarding this tragic news.

I propose a boycott of Mr. Lucas's next steamy pile of shit movie.


wanamaker said...

Cheer up, Mr. F. What's the matter, no shiatsu this morning?

Mr. F said...

Um, what?