New Mustacheers

Looks like we finally got a few new Mustacheers. (must have been the movie list)


Use this thread to tell us a little about yourselves! (or don't. no big whoop.)


Don't worry the Top 10 Sports Movies of All Time is right around the corner, just using the anticipation to work all of the rest of you Mustacheers into a rabid frenzy!


JamesF said...

Is it me? o... Erik just told me to go here and sign up or he would Figure Four LegLock me like a poor, Mexican, version of Shawn Michaels ....

Name is James, went to school with one of the lovely contributors of this great site (Erik). Let's see, Los Angeles kid,so big Dodgers and Lakers fan. Also a huge soccer fan, mostly overseas in the English Premier League (go Gunners!) and moderately follow MLS, although them Sounders had one hell of a season. Where is there fucking post then on this so called "Seattle based" site? bullshit.

That's about it. Thanks all!!!

Mr. F said...

Hey Bart! Remember Alf? Well he's back... in blog form!