#8 Rudy

Some stories transcend time.

Some movies are timeless.

Some legends never die...

and some bloggers are lazy. Here's a clip from Rudy:


Ok... i was gonna blow this post off, ya know not give it the attention I do the rest of these fine films... cuz I was tired... but damnit all ta hell... just watching that clip alone... Rudy ranks right up there with Braveheart as the most chill inducing movies of all time (and one other one still to come)...

I don't even want to make jokes about this one... but a few things:

1) Did Favs and Vince Vaughn meet on this film?

2) Why are Rudy's Dad and Brother looking in completely different directions while celebrating Rudy's sack?

3) I like to think Rudy never saw Roc again.


4) You think Charlie Weiss watches this clip and just feels the need to punch himself squarely in the junk. "I (wheeeez) deserve (wheeeeez) that (weeehhheeeeeeheehehzz huff and puff)/

I'm gonna watch the clip again and cry myself to sleep.


Erik said...

Yeah the fact that they're looking different directions always bothered me too. I like to think that because the brother's an asshole he's actually busy ordering from a vendor after Rudy's sack.

If you look (1:28) it kind of looks like he's shouting "Nuts!" And then the second time they show him he's really trying to get the guy's attention by shouting, "Yeah you!"

And yeah, I'm pretty sure Roc faded off into the mist as he left the stadium. In fact, I really would have loved it if they had shown that in the movie. He's walking away he just fades into nothingness, leaving us to wonder if he was imaginary, a ghost or just some ethereal being that comes and goes as he's needed.

Pervitron 3000 said...

I like how happy he appears that he got the Nut guys attention finally. He cracks a little smile in anticipation of the salty goodness.