Huskies are so rad.

It's been posted on many blogs and newspaper sites, and here's a link to the whole article:


Some Husky player chirping about putting up 50 against the Cougs.


That's fine good luck... or in this case join the party! We suck. Big deal. The part of his quote that cracks me up is this:

"Run the score up. Put on a show. We're just trying to make a statement that we are the real deal."

What universe is this guy living in where running up the score on a 1 - whatever team makes you the real deal?!?

Honestly, even if it weren't against the Cougs, this would've cracked me up.

Here's another example of Huskies proving they're the real deal:


Those old folks needed to recognize!!!


Erik said...

Yeah, to prove they were the real deal they could've tried winning a few more of those close games earlier in the season.

To be fair though, I seem to remember a certain Apple Cup a few years back when Cougar fans rushed the field after beating a 1 win Husky team. So obviously beating a bad team can still mean something in this series.

Mr. F said...

Oh it definitely does! Not debating that, I always want to win the Apple Cup. Just not sure I'll be bragging to my grandkids about last year's victory 50 years from now.

Fortune said...

Certainly won't be bragging about last year's game in 50 years, but I will still be sharing this link:


Unknown said...

I love the comment from the Stevens article when his roommate was asked why he didn't think he raped that girl and his response to the cop was...."because I only hang out with champions".