This week's Other doesn't deal with what I would consider to be the worst or best thing I saw this week. Although it does deal with two very annoying individuals:

Kevin Youkilis & Kit Keller

I don't like either of these people (although, after seeing this pic, Youkilis is kind of growing on me). In case you've forgotten, Kit Keller is the character played by Lori Petty in the female baseball classic "A League of Their Own." Her character is insufferable and easily gets under your skin, kind of like Youkilis. I figured this was the only thing they had in common until earlier this week, when I was watching "A League of Their Own," and I saw this. (Jump to the 7:40 mark. Sorry, it was the best clip I could find)

Did you see that? They have the same exact batting stance!

This begs the question, was Youkilis a big fan of the movie and decided to pattern his stance after Keller? I can only assume that this is the case. Either way, I still dislike them both, and now they have something in common that I can direct all of my concentrated hate on.

By the way, I still say Dottie dropped the ball on purpose.


Mr. F said...

That's pretty amazing actually. Also funny that Kit's #1 fan turns out to be a psychotic marine that wants to blow up San Francisco in the Rock... well him and the Candy Man.

You know what else is amazing... I like A League of Their Own. And I don't care who knows it. Jon Lovitz is pretty funny in it. Rosie O'Donell is sexy as hell. Bill Pullman. And then there's Jimmy Dugan.

He's one of the best sports movie characters ever. Seriously. The piss scene is a great intro, when he calls the umpire a penis with a little hat on, or nails the kid with the glove... great stuff. But the best moment of the film is when the kid asks Dugan for his autograph, and he writes on the ball: "Avoid the clap, Jimmy Dugan"

HAHAHAHHAHA, what the fuck was he thinking there? hahahhahahah!

Erik said...

Sorry, it's more like the 7:40 mark.

After watching it again, I have to wonder what the hell Kit is doing swinging at those pitches. I know she likes the high ones, but she doesn't even alter her swing to try to actually hit the high ones. She's missing by a good 2 feet on each pitch. She sucks.

Mr. F said...

A) she was a pitcher

B) she was the MVP of the championship game

A+B = she certainly doesn't suck.