QB Situation

Much has been made of the current QB situation on the Seattle Seahawks. Here are my thoughts:

1) Carroll (I'm still not sure of the correct spelling of his last name. Every time I type it out it feels wrong), obviously thinks they have something in Whitehurst and will give him every chance to succeed.

2) Hasselbeck is apparently a goner. (this deserves its own post, and we'll cross that bridge when we come to it)

3) Management thinks there are some solid trade options out there.

4) Draft "experts" (DGP excluded) consistently tell you that drafting for need is NEVER a good draft plan... yet almost every "expert" said we screwed up not taking a QB. WHY?!? I'm not sure there's a SINGLE franchise QB in this draft, and if you don't think a 1st or 2nd or even 3rd rounder has that potential, then what's the frackin' point of taking him?

Same page Mustacheers?

Back to thought #3... A couple of rumored trade targets have included Carson Palmer and Kevin Kolb. Fine options to be sure. What would we give up? Rumors have the asking price for both individuals at a 1st round draft pick. And to that I say...



(Draft Guru Pete's draft recap will be up late Sunday or sometime Monday. Have a super weekend Mustacheers... I say that assuming there will be no more posts until then. Prove me wrong Party Hosts... prove... me .... WRONG!)


wanamaker said...

While I'd like Matthew back, I'm assuming he's gone at this point as well. It sounds like he turned down an offer that is most likely going to be better than what he'll get post lockout, so who knows.

If we do acquire a QB that is somewhat capable of starting, it seems like that is admitting Whitehurst was a mistake, since they only locked him up to a two year deal. I know we make everything a competition, but this has the potential to backfire. The two ways it plays out is either he doesn't win the spot and the trade was bad or he wins the job does well and then he's a free agent. As much as it's hard to say if he's our future, I sure wish we had him under contract for one more year.

Mr. F said...

Agreed. Like or dislike the trade from a talent/value perspective... fine. But either way, that contract never made sense to me for that exact reason. You've made a sizeable commitment to this player, but only think he's worth a two year deal? You haven't set yourself up very well for a "best case" scenario. If you didn't believe he was important enough to lock up for at least that third year... why'd you make the trade in the first place?!?

Anonymous said...

Uh - I think we're all avoiding the obvious issue here - WHITEHURST SUCKS!!!!!!! I don't care where we get one (trade, free-agency, etc.), but if Hass is gone we HAVE to get someone else in there. If Carroll is gonna make "Clipboard Jesus" our man, it's gonna be a loooooooong season in Seattle - mark my words. Don't get me wrong, I would be as happy as anyone if "Chaz" got his shit together and learned how to play the QB position - but does ANYONE actually believe that's possible? If so, I would love to hear about it.....if not, I would love for someone to just agree with everything I'm saying and stroke my fragile ego for a bit. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


I'm anxiously awaiting the Hass post - I've got a few things to say about that as well.

jimi said...

i can't wait for the hass post as well. i'm going to stroke my fragile ego all over it.

Bobby said...

Whats your 24 word opinion on Kevin Kolb? And in an supplemental 13 words, where will he end up?