Klay Thompson and the NBA Draft

Thinking about watching the NBA draft tonight to see where Klay Thompson, WSU's best player of all time, ends up.

I've had mixed feelings about Klay leaving early ever since he made the decision. Ive always thought a college athlete should leave if he's gonna be a first rounder... but that was before a Coug could potentially leave early. Hypocrisy. Trust me Mustacheers... No one was or is more shocked than me.

Anyway... decisions need to be made here.

First with Klay. Do I:

A) continue to root for him


B) shun him for leaving the Cougs

Since I'm so evolved, I'm gonna go with A!

Now... how far do I go in my continuation of rooting for good ol' Klay Thompson:

A) religiously follow his numbers, game to game.

B) check in now and again

C) root for his new team no matter what

D) root for his new team... if they're fun to root for

E) frack the NBA... who cares?

I'm leaning towards E. But I'll bet it ends up being between A and B. However... if there ever was a chance of me watching the NBA again and it didn't involve a team in Seattle... it'd have to be following a Coug (assuming either of the Fortune brothers never try and turn pro) after he made the leap... and I'd say Klay is the most realistic chance of a Coug making a decent impact on an NBA team. So I guess... I'm leaving the door open for the possibility of D.

Hopefully the Cavs draft him.

Actually... frack the NBA.

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Mr. F said...

#11 to the Golden State Warriors! Go Warriors! And as an added bonus I get to root for Vladimir Radmonovic again!