NFL Picks - Week 14 Thursday

Dallas @ Chicago 
This season perfectly encapsulates Jason Garrett’s career: entirely mediocre, yet somehow still relevant. Despite the fact that he’s steered his seemingly very talented roster to a 6-6 record, Garrett still finds himself as the coach of a division leader. There’s a standard level of outrage about how much undeserved publicity and attention the Cowboys get. That fervor will boil over if and when Dallas makes the playoffs at 8-8. The Bears also enter this game at 6-6, but they’re in a decidedly different boat than the Cowboys. According to a statistics website, that I choose not to mention by name, Chicago has a 3% chance to make the playoffs, whereas Dallas’s odds sit at 65%. It’s not fair, but what is? Fairs I guess. But just by definition, think about those carnival games, they're mostly rigged. So really, while fairs are fairs they’re also not fair. I’ve gotten a bit derailed here. The point is, regardless of how just their position is, the Bears got themselves into this briar patch, now all they can do to escape is win and hope for the best. The Cowboys, on the other hand, can win or lose and assume the best.

Cowboys 24-20

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