Draft Recap

Draft Recap
The Draft has come and gone. It was fun while it lasted. There were some surprises (Locker at #8?), some freefalls (Bowers to Round 2) and some picks that came from out of nowhere (who the hell is Von Miller?).

I know I'm only paid to cover the NFL Draft, but I can't help but mention that Brandon League is one awful pitcher.

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But the real highlight from this year’s draft was witnessing the Seahawks establish a new identity as eventual Super Bowl Champions. The additions of James Carpenter and John Moffitt have moved the Super Bowl Outlook meter from “Maybe One Day” to “Just a Matter of Time”. I do think both players will start for a good portion of the season if not from Day 1. If this O-Line can stay healthy it could give the Hawks the type of line that allows them to control the pace of the game.

I like the KJ Wright pick to add some depth to the LB corps. He should be given the chance to compete and earn some playing time. The same goes for Kris Durham. Most people assume that because he’s a big, tall white guy he is only a possession receiver. In some of his highlights he shows more speed and burst than people give him credit for. He also has the size to provide another big red zone target for unnamed QB to throw to.

I’m intrigued by the first two picks the Hawks made when addressing the secondary. Richard Sherman from Stanford is a big corner (6’2”) and could finally give the defense someone who could at least come close to matching the size of guys like Larry Fitzgerald. That being said, if people thought he could play well against Fitzgerald he probably wouldn’t have been a 5th round pick. Mark LeGree (S, Appalachian St) had 22 interceptions in college. That’s a pretty impressive total. App St is certainly towards the top of the FCS, but there’s still a significant difference in the level of competition. If he is able to transition well it would be a nice addition. Not sure how he would work with Earl.

Byron Maxwell, Lazarius Levingston and Malcolm Smith will prove to be the best picks made in the 6th and 7th rounds. I predict 4 Pro Bowls between the three of their careers.

Kiper said D+. D+? More like D-Bag. This was an A+ draft for an A+ team.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more - I was just commenting the other day following the Mariners/Orioles game that Brandon League should get the majority of the credit for the O's sweep - I'm pretty sure they couldn't have done it without his stellar performance.

wanamaker said...

Saves are an over-rated stat.  League's a good pitcher.

Unknown said...