NFL Picks - Conference Championships

Green Bay @ Seattle

It's the league's #1 scoring offense against the #1 scoring defense. Of course, the Packers are only tops in points when you factor in all of their games (which isn't totally unfair), but if we look at Green Bay on the road (where the placement of the 'at sign' above would indicate that they are this Sunday) we'll find that they only put up a pedestrian a 21 points per game, over 17 less than at home. You might even say that in this situation they're calf the team they are at Lambeau. If Aaron Rodgers looks as hobbled as he did last week the Hawks' defense could very well dominate. And if Rodgers looks fully healthy ... copy and paste ... the Hawks' defense could very well dominate. As for the other side of the ball, I think we're looking at a big rushing day from the home team. And when I look at that what does it look like?

Seahawks 30-14  

Indianapolis @ New England

Brady and Belichick are back in the AFC Championship game. They've been here a lot, I think it's like nine times or something. As for their opponents, this is a first for Luck and Pagano ... wait a minute, Luck and Chuck! Start printing the shirts, and don't forget to send me all the profits. Andrew Luck's brief but devastating history against the Patriots has been well documented. With Luck at QB the Colts are 0-3 against New England, losing by an average of 26 points with the defense surrendering at least 42 in each game. I don't expect the Pats to reach that total again after seeing the Indy D dominate last week in Denver. Then again, they were playing against what I can only assume was Cooper Manning in his brother's uniform. I'm not sure why it happened, but the details will inevitably surface, and I'm guessing it will involve hostages or diarrhea ... or both? Anyway, an improved effort from the Colts' defense should make this closer than their previous contests, but I still expect New England to move on.

Patriots 31-23

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