NFL Picks - Super Bowl XLIX

New England vs. Seattle

Another year, another pointless regular season. I'm sorry for ruining it for you back in August, but if I remember correctly I did say "spoiler alert." Hopefully you can forgive me and try to enjoy what should be a tremendous Super Bowl match-up. Listening to the noise out there, most media folks say this game won't be as lopsided as last year's finale; a bold prediction considering that that was an historical blow out. Dynamite stuff guys. Let us not forget that prior to that game many were forecasting a very competitive contest much in the same way they are this time around. I'm not saying that I expect a shellacking this Sunday, but merely predicting a closer game is no prediction at all. If we look back to more recent history, namely Championship Sunday, the Patriots are the ones coming off a blowout win after hammering the Colts by 38, whereas the Hawks had to scratch and claw and beak(?) their way to an OT win. At first glance this would indicate that New England is playing better ball and should be favored on Sunday. However, if we dig deeper into Super Bowl history we get a different perspective. Seven Super Bowl match-ups have featured a team that won their conference championship game by 20+ points versus a team that won theirs by 7 or less. The latter squads are 6-1 in the Super Bowl. Looking at that I feel like I have no choice but to pick Seattle. It's nice when juicy statistics like that line up with personal beliefs (and yes, the beliefs are also occasionally juicy). The Hawks probably feel like nothing can stop them after their miraculous comeback against Green Bay. Consequently I expect the D to be hunting come Sunday; look for a New England fumble on their first possession. That's it folks! Enjoy the game and I'll see you in seven months ... Oh wait, I almost forgot.

Seahawks 24-17

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