NFL Picks - Week 14 Thursday

New Orleans @ Atlanta
This is the first of two match-ups between these teams in the next three weeks, and you’d think the initial advantage would go to Atlanta playing at home. However, the Falcons have only gone 3-3 in their inaugural season in Mercedes Benz Stadium. What gives? My theory is that the cheap concessions are resulting in the fans spending most of their time in the concourse chowing down on $2 hot dogs and stuffing their greedy faces with $3 nachos. While we’re on the subject of Mercedes Benz Stadium, isn’t it a conflict of interest that the Saints play in the Mercedes Benz Superdome? At the very least it’s got to be extremely confusing for the teams. Don’t be surprised to see them both show up in black, home uniforms resulting in the most interceptions in a single game in NFL history. When is it enough for you Mercedes? How many stadiums will you need to slap your name on before you're satisfied? Their slogan is "The best or nothing," so I guess they're just casting a wide net in an effort to house the best team in the league. In this battle of the Benz boys I'll go with the home team (from the Stadium, not the Dome). 

Falcons 23-20

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