NFL Picks - Super Bowl LII

Philadelphia vs. New England
It’s time for the big game! At least that’s what I’d say if I were some wimp-ass that was afraid of getting sued. But I’m a tough jock type so I’ll just come right out and say it’s time for the SuperBowl! (Combined it into one word just to save space, not because I’m afraid of litigation from the NFL) As I’m sure you heard, this game is a rematch ... of a SuperBowl from 13 years ago. The only player left from that game is Tom Brady, so we shouldn’t take too much away from it ... Or should we? That first Philly/New England SB was played in Jacksonville, this one will be played in Minnesota. Jacksonville and Minnesota, the two teams the Pats and Eagles beat to get to this game. This is SuperBowl LII (52), the last match-up was SuperBowl XXXIX (39), both multiples of 13. And what, do you dare guess, is New England's total point differential in the Brady/Belichick SuperBowls? +12! That’s almost 13! I’m taking a turn toward Jim Carrey-level obsession here. Only one man can pull me out of this psychological tailspin and put me on the right path, the man who will provide color commentary for the game, Cris Collinsworth:

It’s a Patriots SuperBowl, so it’s bound to be close. Of course their score will also be some multiple of 13, because it’s a conspiracy! Head referee Gene Steratore is a member of the Illuminati and he will leave his bloody fingerprints on this game! I've picked against the underdog Eagles twice this postseason and they've won both games. I'm going to go ahead and predict they'll lose for a third time; Philly, you know what to do.

Patriots 26-23

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