Sonics of the Decade is...

RASHARD LEWIS!!! Kind of a shocker... but I'll bet this had more to do with the Mustacheers and their dislike of that snappy dressing son of a bitch jimi than it did with Lewis and his greatness. Either way... congrats 'Shard.

Up next... Seahawks.

Who makes the list?

Big Walt
Shaun Alexander
Mack Strong

Who else?


jimi said...

i think we need to throw Hutch on this list

jimi said...

and i'll have you know i voted for that cry baby quitter. "oh my toe"

Erik said...

I don't think we need to bother with Hutchinson, who would actually vote for him? Although, I suppose we could find out who would vote for him by simply putting him on the ballot.

Pretty disappointing that Rashard won that poll, I think it easily should have been Ray. I'd like to hear legitimate reasons as to why Rashard would be the choice, besides tenure I suppose.

Mr. F said...

Tenure... and jimi hate.

jimi said...

pretty disappointing that Rashard was on that list. I voted for him...........twice.........from different computers. he is that great

jimi said...

maybe we should ask shaun alexander if Hutch should be on the list? you know, because Alexander really flourished after Hutch left. Probably should ask Big Walt if Hutch should be on the list also?

Mr. F said...

What's your problem Kazynski?