Week 16 - Thursday Night

Houston @ Indianapolis

For a few weeks the Texans looked like a gutsy team that was winning despite multiple costly injuries. But after last week's 15 point home loss to the Panthers they seem more like a team that was hanging on by the skin of their teeth. And now that Andre Johnson is missing another game that skin might just be ripped right off, which sounds like a bad thing, but when you think about it, why would anyone want skin on their teeth? That would be gross. Would you even be able to chew properly? And don't even get me started on the problems it would present in terms of brushing. Meanwhile, the Colts teeth were kicked out long ago, but they managed to gum the Titans to death last week for their first win of the season. So which team will show more bite (ahhh thank you) in this contest? I don't want to rule out an Indy win, but why would they go and blow their draft position like that? (Though, being toothless makes them pretty good at blowing things)

Texans 16-9

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