NFL Picks Conference Championships

Baltimore @ New England

When these two teams met in the playoffs after the '09 season Joe Flacco went for 4-10 with 34 yards and an interception. Those numbers are downright Tebowian (RIP). But guess what? The Ravens blew out the Pats in that game 33-14. That game, more than any other proves that the less FlacMan has to do the better. With that in mind Flacco should try to do as little as possible on Sunday. This means no passing whatsoever, and when he does have to hand it off he shouldn't even take steps, instead he just fall over slowly and extend his hand. Unfortunately, that's probably not realistic, and if there's one thing I can say about my picks, it's that they're grounded in reality. When determining a prediction for this game I keep coming back to one simple fact: for the last 8 seasons the AFC representative in the Super Bowl has either been the Patriots, Steelers, or Colts, I say after this game it will be 9 seasons.

Patriots 27-17

New York Giants @ San Francisco

Earlier in the season I proclaimed that Aaron Rodgers' jumping fist pump was the worst TD celebration in the league. Not to be outdone by his '04 draft counterpart whose been outdoing him his whole career, Alex Smith unveiled something so lame at the end of his touchdown run in last week's win over the Saints that I became physically ill and vomited. Sure, I'd just eaten a whole large pizza and I was simply doing my normal purge, but I vomited nonetheless. Unfortunately for Smith, the Giants ousted Rodgers and the Packers last week and now seem determined to eliminate all nerds from the playoffs. I've even heard rumors that this guy has been signed from the practice squad. With that in mind, I have no choice but to pick the Giants to go on to a Super Bowl XLII rematch. But don't fret Baltimore and San Fran fans, because guess what: 2012 Pro Bowl = Harbaugh Bowl II.

Giants 24-20

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