Mountain out of a Tannehill

Mustacheers, let me be the first (and only) to apologize for the lack of draft coverage this year. I have no excuse to keep my expertise from you, our dedeicated readers. I would like to appeal specifically to one Robert Bateman. Mr. Bateman, I know that you pride yourself on carefully placed, and precisely worded, barbs in reference to my posts. I apologize for giving you inadequate opportunities to throw my inadequate commentary back in my face. Having said that, Alex Smith still has very small hands and no Seahawk has ever cried his eyes out after catching a touchdown. But I'm veering away from the real reason of my post. I wanted to touch on one Ryan Tannehill. This jerk has somehow worked his way in to the discussion of being a top 5 pick. Some former NFL execs are even saying that teams will need to trade to #3 to draft him. I would like to appeal to any team in the first round: do not draft Ryan Tannehill. He is a second round quarterback. I understand that QB is the most important position in football, but just because you don't have a great QB doesn't mean you NEED to spend your first round pick there. I reviewed the tape from the Meineke Car Care Bowl (Northwestern v. Texas A&M) and the following are my exact notes taken from the game. Please read them and decide if you'd like Mr. Tannehill as your QB. .
First Quarter
Tannehill threw an out route to the inside shoulder. Dangerous to put that throw there.
Threw a strike while rolling to his right. Nice zip on the ball.
Receivers dropped a few passes.

Second Quarter
Almost overthrew a screen.
Throwing a lot of quick WR screens. Big deal.
Takes some snaps under center.
Nice half-fade for the TD. Got the ball out on time. Could have thrown it a bit further though.

Third Quarter
Nice play action out of his own end zone. No panic. Threw right to the spot he needed to.
Rolled right and threw it directly to the underneath LB. LB dropped the INT.
In the 3rd Q this year, 6 picks and only 3 TDs.
Too many screens. Tough to say his completion % is solid if he throws this many dink and dunk passes.

Fourth Quarter
Rolled right and put too much float on ball for his TE. Defender was able to make a play on the ball and pick it off. Could have put it a bit further for a big gain.
A&M let a lot of teams come back on them this year. I don’t like a QB who can’t put together a drive or two when his team is letting the game slip away. Makes me question his composure and leadership skills.

Snaps the ball with 10 on the play clock and throws a route that runs his receiver right to the sidelines. They’re up 8 with 3:50 left.
Nice strike and zip on a 3rd down pass that they really needed.
Game clinching 3rd down completion was put in the perfect spot just over the coverage. Nice play by the WR to catch the ball.


Fortune said...

So if I am reading this correctly some stupid team should draft him. It would leave a better player on the board at #12

Pete said...


Fortune said...

Hey DGP,

I cant find anywhere to ask you all of my questions leading up to thursday night. Can you answer this one:

What do you think about the Hawks trading down and still bolstering the D-Line by adding a little UFC champ blood to it?

Fortune said...

Thanks for getting back to me. Oh wait you didnt. Dont worry I went else where. Someone named Mike Mayock, maybe you have heard of him. Here is what he said to me ""Three years from now, Chandler Jones is the best defensive player that comes out of this draft."

Great minds think alike

Pete said...

Sorry bro. I don't understand all the late buzz about Chandler Jones, but the guys talking about him have seen something that they think will equal success at the next level. As Finn pointed out, it would provide for a nice Bones Jones 12th Man Flag raising. It's looking like they might not even trade down if they want. Kiper and McShay mocked him to the Hawks at 12.

Fortune said...

I have never heard of Kiper nor McShay. Sounds like they know what they are talking about.