NFL Picks - Super Bowl XLVIII

Seattle vs. Denver
So here it is. The Game. As you all know by now we're left with a fascinating match-up between the league's top offense and the league's top defense. These teams have followed similar paths, going 13-3, becoming the #1 seed in their respective conferences and winning two home games to reach the Super Bowl. The few losses they do have are startlingly similar in nature. They each lost by 6 in Indianapolis, dropped a close game on the road in what was their toughest match-up of the season (Denver by 3 at New England; Seahawks by 2 at San Francisco), and were stunned at home by a divisional foe (Denver against San Diego; Seahawks against Arizona, both by 7). But outside of those contests, they're a combined 26-0, meaning on Sunday it should be exciting to watch dat action. The way I see it, the key to the game for the Seahawks is generating pressure up the middle and forcing Manning to move in the pocket. This means Michael Bennett needs to have a big game in what could be his last in a Hawks uniform. As for what the key to the Broncos' defensive game plan should be: get out of the way. And that's about all I've got, I suppose there's not much more to say now, except for this.

Seahawks 29-23

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