NFL Picks - Wild Card Round


Kansas City @ Indianapolis

Two weeks ago these teams met in a triple P (Possible Playoff Preview). Now that game has become a DPP (Definite Playoff Preview). Will it be an ROLT (Repeat Of Last Time) or will it be a T-DOG (Totally Different Outcome, Guys)? Even though the last game was played in KC the Colts prevailed 23-7. With this one being played in a climate controlled Lucas Oil Stadium it would stand to reason that Indy should win again. So to recap, in regards to a Colts victory, the reason that it stands to reason is the game they played earlier this season.

Colts 24-17

New Orleans @ Philadelphia

My pick for this game comes down to one overriding factor: I trust the Saints on the road less than I do this guy. They had three wins away from home in the regular season, and none were against a winning team (they did beat Chicago who was .500). So clearly a win at Philly would be breaking their tendency. I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm just predicting exactly that.

Eagles 30-20


San Diego @ Cincinnati

These Chargers are hot! Four straight wins, including one over the Chiefs' back-ups that only took them 72 minutes of game action to complete. Yikes. That is not promising. Neither is the fact that the Bengals are the last team to beat the Chargers and they did it in San Diego. Also, Cincinnati has not lost at home this year. To me it seems like it's adding up to a Bengals victory, and I kick ass at math.

Bengals 21-14

San Francisco @ Green Bay

Shockingly the Packers are having trouble selling out this game, and are in danger of having the game blacked out locally. A playoff Stinger? That's unheard of! Except for the fact that it could also happen in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. Pretty pathetic gang. However, for the folks in Green Bay it becomes a bit more understandable when you take into account the fact that it is expected to be about zero degrees during the game. But if you can't sell this game out in those weather conditions you officially can't brag about, wax poetic about, or refer wistfully to the "frozen tundra." If it's so awesome then buy a ticket and go check it out already ya wimps (full disclosure: I've never been in a place with temperatures that cold, let alone sat outside in them for 3+ hours). While Aaron Rodgers did pull out the win last week in Chicago, he looked pretty shaky at times. That was against the Bears' defense, which is not nearly as good as San Francisco's. On the other side of the ball, expect the Niners to run the ball often against the Packers' shoddy D. Either that, or they'll step on the field and decide it's just not worth it, too cold.

49ers 20-17 

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