NFL Picks - Conference Championships

If you were to ask me before the season what match-ups I thought we'd see in the conference championships these would be them. Or, more accurately, nobody asked me before the season what match-ups I thought we'd see in the conference championships, but I went ahead and wrote my predictions anyway, and these were them. Anticipation has reached a boiling point, and even though I've used this clip before, it seems to be most appropriate right now.

New England @ Denver

Interesting quarterback match-up here between the two tallest back-ups in the game. Mallett (6'6") vs. Osweiler (6'8"), who will prevail? The fans, that's who. Unfortunately for us, these two beanstalks probably won't see the field and we'll be stuck watching Brady vs. Manning for the 15th time. It's like, we get it already! As always when dealing with Manning this late in the season it's necessary to look at the weather report. High 40s and sunny bodes well for Peyton and the Broncos. Brady and Belichick have been to seven AFC championship games together, losing only twice. One of those losses was last season and the other was on the road against Peyton Manning. Then again, they've also beaten Manning twice in the playoffs, once in the conference championship game. So either way history will be repeating itself, which is just so typical of history, it's totally unoriginal.

Broncos 31-26 

San Francisco @ Seattle

It had to happen this way, there was never an alternate timeline in which it didn't. In every possible permutation of how the events of the past 19 weeks played out, it was always these two at the end. One piece of analysis for this game: the 49ers' opponents have botched a would-be pick six in each of their playoff games so far; the Seahawks dropped three interceptions in their divisional round win. Surer hands could lead to a game-changing play this week. As for the rest of this contest, I predict noise and pain. The wait is over (if you're reading this at 3:30pm PT on Sunday), let's go.

Seahawks 20-13

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