NFL Picks - Week 5 Thursday

Indianapolis @ New England
In February, following Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ decision to back out of his agreement to become the Colts’ head coach, Indianapolis general manager Chris Ballard ended a press conference by declaring that “The rivalry is back on.” To which the New England organization as a whole responded, “Huh? Oh, ok. Sure.” Or at least I’m assuming that was the general tone of their reaction. The Patriots have beaten the Colts six straight times, and Indy hasn’t had a win in the series since Peyton Manning was their quarterback. So Chris Ballard can make bold declarations all he wants, but he shouldn’t be surprised if no one takes him seriously. It’s like if I announced that my feud with Wentworth Miller is still going strong. Sure, I can’t stand him, and I’m disgusted by his acting, but the animus is a bit one sided since he doesn’t know who I am. It’s kind of the same vibe with Indy and New England. As such, I’ll pick the Pats to maintain a perfect record for home teams on Thursday nights this season.

Patriots 35-20 


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