NFL Picks - Week 8 Thursday

Miami @ Houston
On the surface this looks like a lousy game, but dig a little deeper (and by that I mean take a cursory glance at the standings) and you’ll see that both of these teams are 4-3. Barring a tie, one of these two will be 5-3 come Friday morning. Let’s take a second and think about how that makes us feel. Don’t get me wrong, coming into the season I thought the Texans would be good, but I now realize I was wrong. That’s what makes it so surprising that they could reach the season’s halfway point two games above .500. Their season reminds me of the scene in Vacation when Clark falls asleep while driving, wakes up in a panic, veers away from oncoming traffic, and somehow spins neatly into a parking spot at a motel. Nobody in the car is really sure how they got there, or how close they were to absolute disaster, but they’re safe and sound for now. One more thing, this is a Brock Osweiler revenge game. And by that I mean the Texans want revenge on Osweiler for being such an abysmal waste of time and money. Look for that passion to carry Houston.

Texans 23-16

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