NFL Picks - Week 15 Thursday

Los Angeles Chargers at Las Vegas

Last week the Chargers played the Falcons in what should have been the most ridiculous game of the season. Instead it ended 20-17, the most common final score in NFL history. What a letdown. Like ascending a big lift hill on a roller coaster only to get to the top, have the track flatten out, and go directly back into the loading station. C’mon Chargers, I’m here for those radical drops! Gimme some thrills, some spills, and yes, maybe even a few chills. I’m a grown man, I can handle it! Perhaps I should look to the Raiders for my comical incompetence fix. After all, they’re a Jets blitz away from a 4 game losing streak in which they’ve surrendered 150 points. And again, one of those four teams was the Jets. See Chargers, this is the kind of thrill ride I’m talking about; not some 20-17 kiddie train. So let’s all take our motion sickness meds, safely store out hats and glasses, and strap in for a truly unpredictable game of football. And if you let me down again Chargers I’m going to stand outside the entrance to your queue and tell everybody not to go on you. And they’ll be able to tell just by looking at me that I know what I’m talking about.

Raiders 38-34 

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