Greatest Seahawk of the Next Decade?

Now that the poll is open for the Greatest Seahawk of the past decade, I thought it was also time to look to the future of the Hawks at some of the prospects in the upcoming draft. With two picks in the first half of round 1 the Hawks will have plenty of options to add players who can contribute immediately.

Here's a list of some players that I think will be available at each of the picks

Russell Okung – This would be my choice. He’s the best tackle in the draft and it’s one of the biggest (if not the biggest) needs for the Hawks. There has been talk of the Lions taking him at #2 or the Chiefs taking him at #5, so it’s likely that he’ll be gone by this point.

Eric Berry – If Okung’s gone, then I would like them to pick Berry. The secondary needs some serious help and adding Berry would be huge. It’d be nice to have a player that made opposing teams worry about throwing deep.
Gerald McCoy – I don’t think he’ll be there at #6, but if he is then the Hawks should definitely take him.

Jimmy Clausen – I’m not a Clausen fan. Obviously if he ends up as our starting QB I’ll come around on the guy, but I’d prefer not to.

Brian Bulaga – Bulaga has been all over the board on the mock drafts I’ve seen. Some people think he’s a Top 5 or 10 pick and others have him going in the middle of the round. I’d rather take him at #14, but he might not be there. The concern that some people have with him is that he has short arms.

CJ Spiller – I’d love for the Hawks to draft Spiller. We don’t really have any exciting players. He could help in the return game and as a big-play threat on offense.

Dez Bryant – It’s likely that he’ll get selected before the #14. If we trade for Brandon Marshall then this pick wouldn’t make much sense. Adding Bryant would give us a big target and someone to take some pressure off the amazing TJ Houshmandzadeh.

Charles Brown/Anthony Davis/Trent Williams/Brian Bulaga – If Bulaga or Okung is not selected at #6 then they could take the highest rated tackle on their board. Trent Williams might be a RT only, so that wouldn’t be as much help as these other guys. It’d be a bit of a reach to go for Brown I think and Davis is slipping after supposedly performing poorly in his interviews at the Combine. From what I’ve heard Charles Brown might be the best fit for the type of scheme the Hawks will be running. I like Bulaga at this pick more than #6.

Earl Thomas, S, Texas – For the same reasons I like Berry at 6 I like Thomas at 14. Mike Mayock actually has him rated higher than Berry and says he’s the most instinctive safety he’s ever scouted (must’ve never scouted Brian Russell).

Joe Haden, CB, Florida – His stock is falling because he ran a slower than expected 40. If he were to slip to this spot I would love for the Hawks to take him. The 40 time doesn’t bother me. People had him rated as a Top 10 pick based on his play in college and their opinion shouldn’t change because of the Combine.

Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech – The pass rush is another area that needs help. Morgan might go Top 10, but he’s not receiving much attention right now. If he’s available it’d be a great pick.

Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee – It’d be nice to add someone to the line who can help take up some space and also make plays in the backfield. Also, if the team is switching to the 3-4 he can play NT.

Mike Iupati, G, Idaho – This would probably be a bit of a reach at this point. However, it might be a reach just because of his position. He is clearly the best Guard in the draft and could help the line. I’m not sure how he fits into the zone blocking scheme, so maybe the team wouldn’t even consider him.

My three favorite scenarios would be:
1. Okung/Spiller
2. McCoy/Bulaga
3. Berry/Spiller


Fortune said...

I still love Okung and I wouldnt mind Morgan with number 14. Especially since we lost Tapp

wanamaker said...

What's the worst scenario?

My vote is for signing Brandon Marshall for our #6 pick and drafting Tebow at #14. I will not be happy with that.

Fortune said...

I would say worst case would be giving our 2011 3rd rounder and dropping 20 spots in this years 2nd round for a 3rd string QB who sucks. The only thing that would piss me off more is if we paid him some ridiculous amount like 5 million a year.

Mr. F said...

When you have the opportunity to sign a RFA for MORE than his assigned draft pick value, and that same RFA has never started an NFL game in his life... AND he's a 3rd stringer... you make that move.