NFL Picks - Thanksgiving

Green Bay @ Detroit

After the people of Detroit created a much publicized petition to stop them from playing at halftime, I'd really enjoy it if Nickelback came to the stage wearing Packers jerseys. They're just the type of badass mother effers that could do something like that. Apparently the Lions fans didn't understand the irony of having a band named Nickelback perform at a game in which the Lions will have to use three DBs on a majority of downs against Aaron Rodgers and the pass-happy Packers. Well I did, and I think the NFL made the perfect choice. Of course, I've also said time and again that "Photograph" is the greatest song of the last ten years. Unfortunately, Nickelback most likely won't have an impact on the game itself, so perhaps I should focus a little more closely on the players. The Lions should be ready to go for this one, but the Packers have Aaron Rodgers and so far this season teams with Aaron Rodgers have won all their games.

Packers 35-30

Miami @ Dallas

These teams come into this game hotter than a turkey fresh out of the oven. If you know anything about poultry preparation you know that means that these teams have an internal temperature of over 165 degrees. The Dolphins' defense has been dominant over the last three weeks, allowing a total of 20 points. Meanwhile, the Cowboys snuck away with an OT victory over Washington and are now tied atop the NFC East with New York. I'd love to go with the upset here, but I think Miami's lockdown D has also had a lot to do with their recent opponents, who have willfully allowed themselves to be beaten down, which would make the Dolphins a dominatrix of sorts. The Cowboys will not put the ball-gag in their mouths so easily.

Cowboys 20-16

San Francisco @ Baltimore

Fun fact: the coaches of these teams are brothers. The 49ers D has received its fair share of ballyhooing as of late, and the Ravens' defense is as ballyhooed as they come, but in their last four games they've given up at least 20 points each time. So who will be most ballyhooed after Thursday night? It will probably come down to which offense can actually get into the end zone, and between these two I think Baltimore has the better chance.

Ravens 13-9

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