NFL Picks Week 11

Thursday Night

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos

This game has turned into something of a perfect storm. With the combination of the Jets pass defense and Tim Tebow at quarterback for the Broncos we could be looking at something truly catastrophic. Is it possible for a team to go a whole game without throwing a pass? We're about to find out! By the way, we'll find out that the answer is no. Tebow was born to throw, he's like the opposite of Bruce Springsteen (in so many ways, but this one in particular). If you need any further convincing that Teebs is a top-notch passer, just look at his rating from last week: 102.6! (And no, that's not a joke, he went 2-8 on the game and had a 102.6 passer rating) Even with all of this incontrovertible proof and the fact that the Jets D struggled last week I'm still going to have to take New York. I'm sorry Tim, prove me wrong.

Jets 24-7

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