Week 13 - Thursday

Philadelphia @ Seattle

My biggest complaint with Taravaris Jackson's play so far this season would have to be that he appears completely lost trying to run a 2 minute drill. I can't stand to watch it, and apparently he feels the same seeing as how he promptly threw an interception at the end of last week's game, creating more of a 20 second drill. Now he's coming off a short week and tasked with facing two of the best cover corners in the league (I'm basing that statement purely on salary size, as all things should be based). It would appear to be a grim proposition for the Hawks, but if the defense can keep the Eagles out of the end zone, something they've done well lately with the exception of the 4th quarter last week, the game is all but over. Why? Because Red Bryant will simply block any and all field goals. Case closed.

Seahawks 16-12


Erik said...

Just to clarify, the Eagles' 12 points comes from two touchdowns, with both PATs being blocked.

Fortune said...

The other thing that frustrates me is when the defense puts 9 dudes right on the line and he starts to call audibles with his hands but they mean absolutely nothing because he just takes the snap and waits 3 seconds to get sacked