NFL Picks - Thanksgiving

Chicago @ Detroit

Ah, a tradition unlike any other, the Lions playing on Thanksgiving morning. Though few know why Detroit actually plays this game annually. The real reason is that normally their play causes most of America to vomit, clearing out their gut for the gluttonous day ahead. That's right, it's a conspiracy by Big Turkey. This year, however, the Lions are 7-4 and fighting for a playoff spot, meaning the folks at home will have to look elsewhere for help with their stomach evacuation. Enter Jay Cutler, a barf catalyst if there ever was one. Count on him to do us all a favor by making us sick.

Lions 24-14

Philadelphia @ Dallas

This will be the moment when your family member who rarely watches football spits out their hors d'oeuvres and shouts, "Mark Sanchez?!?" The last time we saw him on Thanksgiving he was running directly into his offensive lineman and embarrassing everyone involved; and yes, I'm including the viewing audience. Sanchez comes into Turkey Day with a superior offensive scheme this time, however it does get a bit complicated with a lot of moving parts, meaning Butt Fumble 2 isn't necessarily out of the question. The key for the Cowboys will be keeping the Eagles' scoring in the low 20s because the Philly D usually gives up at least that much. I'm guessing both teams will exceed that amount with Dallas getting the edge because a few key calls will go their way. Let's just say they'll benefit from home cooking ... WINK.

Cowboys 30-27

Seattle @ San Francisco

Thanksgiving is a time to be surrounded by loved ones. It's also a time to contact your fiercest rival and schedule a fight. Don't look at me like I'm weird, you're the weird one for not doing that every year. Clearly these teams understand. While their records are a bit below what may have been expected this is still a pivotal match-up that will have big implications, unless the losing team wins the rematch two weeks later, then it will just be kind of a wash. But right now this is the only game that matters and I expect the Hawks to come out and play it as such.

Seahawks 20-16

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