NFL Picks - Week 11

Sunday Morning

Seattle @ Kansas City

The Seahawks exploded for 350 yards rushing last week and it resulted in their largest victory margin this season. If I know wily ol' Pete Carroll like I think I do, that game gave him an idea so crazy that it just might work: run for 300+ yards every game. Look, I'm not saying it will be easy, but it's worth a shot. The Chiefs have been hot since stumbling to an 0-2 start, but ya know what cools off even the hottest of teams? The aforementioned 300+ yards rushing, of course.

Seahawks 20-17

Minnesota @ Chicago

When the season started this is not where the Bears thought they would be come Week 11. I'm not sure why though, the schedule clearly stated that this game would be in Chicago. I mean half of their games take place there, so even if they didn't look at the schedule they could have made an educated guess. To be fair they have had a quirky schedule, playing six of their first nine on the road, which they will now follow with five of six at home. They've yet to win at Soldier Field, which is an insult to their fans and the troops alike. Win #1 has to happen sooner or later, and I say much sooner.

Bears 30-24

Houston @ Cleveland

It's November and the Browns are in first place. Believe it or not. Though, if you don't believe it you're just being ignorant and not looking at the standings, I mean the information is readily available, all you have to do is look for God's sake, quit living with your head in the sand! I have a feeling that the Browns will suffer a let down this week, but even still they should have enough to get by the Texans with Ryan Mallett making his first start.

Browns 16-13

Atlanta @ Carolina

These teams are flat out lousy, and yet they're still in contention in an NFC South division that's headed ... well, not north. The Falcons three wins have all come within the division, so they actually have the inside track to win this thing if they can get hot. Of course, that's easier said than done for this Atlanta team. Now that I think about it though, isn't almost everything easier said than done? Stupid saying. Let's snuff it out here and now. I think the Falcons will have enough to get by a Panthers team that appears to have absolutely given up. Which way to the offseason? Thanks Cam!

Falcons 24-20

Cincinnati @ New Orleans

Look, I'm not afraid to say it, that performance by Andy Dalton last Thursday was not good. Maybe the Bengals are satisfied with 10-33, 86 yds., and 3 INTs, but I sir am not. Those numbers just aren't going to cut it in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Now Cincinnati starts a stretch of three straight road games, a scenario that does not portend success for them. I say the Saints get the win and maintain their NFC South stranglehold at 5-5.

Saints 31-24 

Tampa Bay @ Washington

The Buccaneers have been a very consistent team this year scoring 13-17 points in seven of their eight losses. I didn't say that consistency is always a good thing. I don't expect RG3 to set the world, or even FedEx Field and the surrounding area, on fire this week, but as I pointed out he'll only need to put up 18 points.

Redskins 21-16

Denver @ St. Louis

The Rams have decided to switch back to Shaun Hill as their starting quarterback, a move that should result in them winning out through the Super Bowl.

Broncos 31-17

San Francisco @ New York Giants

San Francisco against the Giants? That's going to confuse the casual fan. Well, probably less than the casual fan, maybe the lazy fan, the ignorant fan, or the really dumb fan. Yeah, let's stick with that, this game will confuse the really dumb fans out there. Then again, most games probably confuse the really dumb fans. Though, I'd forgive anyone if they got a bit miffed watching Eli Manning. It's only a matter of time before he makes a foolish, potentially game-costing mistake. Look for it to happen early on in this one as he'll be very confused as to why San Francisco is playing against the Giants.

49ers 27-20 

Sunday Afternoon

Oakland @ San Diego

These teams come into the week on a combined 18 game losing streak. The Raiders have contributed 15 of those 18, which could mean it's time for the Chargers to start pulling their own weight in this losing duo. It could also just mean that Oakland will lose again, because well, they've lost 15 in a row. It's not that hard to figure out folks, I mean pretty much anybody could pick these games and do just as well as me, if not betterrrrImeannotheycouldn'tdon'tevenbothertrying.

Chargers 34-21

Philadelphia @ Green Bay

Before the 2013 season I submitted that the Packers' running back duo of Jonathan Franklin and Eddie Lacy should be known as Franklin & Bash. Well before this season Jonathan Franklin retired from football, an omen that we should not have ignored, because now TNT has canceled the show Franklin & Bash. Damn it TNT! What's next, Rizzoli & Isles? So help me God, if it's Rizzoli & Isles ... In other news, this is a really big game in the NFC and ... I'm sorry, I can't do it, I'm just too distraught. F & B is canceled and I never even got to see an episode.

Packers 38-31

Detroit @ Arizona

When the Lions let Drew Stanton go a few years back they had to know that they would one day face him again with the best record in the NFC on the line; it was inevitable. Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that Detroit was worried about it. In fact, they could have been downright hoping for it. But they shouldn't be too giddy because, as we saw earlier this season, Stanton is capable of getting the job done. The story of this game should be dictated by the defenses, and with the contest taking place in Arizona I'll give them the edge.

Cardinals 19-17

Sunday Night

New England @ Indianapolis

These teams have met in each of the last two seasons with the Patriots winning by an average score of 51-23. Both of those games were in played in Foxborough though, so this one figures to be closer. I suppose I'm not going out on much of a limb though, considering most games are closer than 28 points. We all know that both squads have two of the top passing attacks in the league, so it could come down to who can defend the air better. New England is 14th against the pass, while the Colts are 27th. So there ya go, it's just that easyyyywhydoIkeeptrvializingmycraft?

Patriots 34-30

Monday Night

Pittsburgh @ Tennessee

Finally the Titans get the stage they deserve. Well actually, the stage they deserve is more like a middle school auditorium/cafeteria.

Steelers 27-13

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