NFL Picks - Week 14 Thursday

Oakland @ Kansas City
These teams met in Oakland in Week 6 and the Chiefs handed the Raiders their second, and to this point their last, loss of the season  in a 26-10 drubbing. Given that result and the fact that this game is in Kansas City on a short week is there any reason to believe that Oakland can come out on top? I say yes. For one, they're undefeated on the road this season (6-0), and for two I just choose to believe in things. Santa, pro wrestling, Lennay Kekua, they're all real to me damn it! (Not the link you thought I was going to go with, huh?) At least that's how I used to feel until I recently stumbled upon a Fox special called "Magic's Biggest Secrets Revealed." Apparently it's about 15 years old, but that didn't stop it from demolishing the facade that I'd been living behind. My world is now a hellscape of cold, harsh realism. As a result I'm taking Kansas City. 

Chiefs 30-20

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