NFL Picks - Week 15 Thursday

Los Angeles @ Seattle
They say that an animal is at its most dangerous when it is wounded. If that's true than the Rams are an extremely dangerous team, because they've been getting beat up for couple months now. The Seahawks don't necessarily come into this game unscathed either, after losing two of three, including their most lopsided defeat in five years. So it appears we have two wounded animals fighting each other on Thursday. Sounds like everyone should get tested for rabies afterward. LA finally, mercifully fired Jeff Fisher this week. It seemed like the right move, however, that leaves Fisher tied for the most all-time NFL head coaching losses, and at this point he may not get another job, leaving him without an opportunity to ever gain full possession of the record. It's truly a shame, but I think the situation can be rectified. Way down the road when Fisher is like 85 years old, the Rams or some other team (looking at you Browns) bring him out of retirement to lose one more and secure his place in history. If anybody deserves it it's Jeff Fisher. Back to this game though, firing your coach on a short week doesn't seem like a winning recipe, then again the Rams only play well against the Hawks. Still I'll take Seattle.

Seahawks 17-3

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