NFL Picks - Week 16 Thursday

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles
Late last week it was revealed that the Giants illegally used walkie-talkies during their Week 14 win over Dallas. My theory is that New York coach Ben McAdoo had purchased the walkie-talkies as a Christmas gift for his kids, but when he went to hide them in the closet (the walkies, not his kids) a light bulb went off. It was the light bulb in the closet, and he still hasn't replaced it. But a little bit later it dawned on him that he could use the toys to his advantage. Unfortunately for McAdoo and the Giants the league caught on to his hijinks and slapped them with a fine. But I'm not so sure that he'll stop there. It's doubtful that they'll try the walkie-talkie trick again, but don't be surprised if McAdoo draws inspiration from a Christmas classic and plants a Talkboy loaded with Philly play calls on the Eagles' sideline this Thursday. He'll bribe a ball boy to play it at pivotal points, causing mass confusion for the Eagles. After Carson Wentz tosses an interception as a result listen closely for a certain voice from the Talkboy shouting, "Look what ya did ya little jerk!"

Giants 23-16

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