NFL Picks - Week 2 Thursday

Tampa Bay @ Carolina
We’re kicking off Fox’s Thursday Night Football lineup with a bang. And that bang is all of our heads hitting the coffee table when we fall asleep midway through the 2nd quarter. One intriguing element to keep an eye on will be whether or not Jameis Winston can throw more touchdowns to Buccaneers than the opposition. He’s currently behind 1 to 2 in that category, and it’s safe to say that ratio will need to improve for Tampa to win any games, or for Winston to keep his job. While Cam Newton didn’t have quite as abysmal a performance in his opener, he definitely looked shabby. The same cannot be said for Cam postgame though, because his press conference outfit was simply fantastic. Normally I make fun of Newton’s ridiculous fashion, but this time I can’t. How could I? A short-sleeved sports coat, a barbed-wire hat, and a scarf that an old woman would wear while riding in a convertible is an unimpeachable ensemble. He just looks really good! And not at all like if Thelma and Louise’s road trip had occurred in the Mad Max universe. The man inspires confidence, and that’s why I’m picking Carolina.

Panthers 24-13

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