NFL Picks - Week 3 Thursday

Tennessee @ Jacksonville
At a Tuesday press conference Jalen Ramsey said he’s excited to play in this game as long as he’s “still here.” The “here” he’s referring to is likely Jacksonville based on his recent trade request. But what if he’s using “here” in a more existential fashion? Maybe Ramsey knows that tomorrow is promised to none of us and he’s grateful to be alive and playing football. Or he’s just saying the right thing to the press and really wants to get the hell out of Jacksonville. Who could blame him? Even Jags coach, and apparent Ramsey rival, Doug Marrone is getting sick of watching Jacksonville games. So much so that when quarterback Gardner Minshew led the team to a potentially tying touchdown with under a minute left against the Texans, Marrone took the drastic action of going for two to ensure that the game would end one way or the other. Jacksonville failed to convert the two pointer and lost to fall to 0-2, but Marrone was still a winner, because he didn’t have to watch anymore Jaguars football that day. The same can’t be said for the rest of us on Thursday night; we’ll have no choice but to stare at this approximation of sport.

Titans 21-18

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