NFL Picks - Week 10 Thursday

Los Angeles Chargers @ Oakland 
The Chargers bowed up and won a huge road game against the Packers last Sunday to breathe life back into their season. Of course, that game was technically played in the Chargers' home stadium, but based on the crowd in attendance that clearly wasn’t the case. Now the Chargers have to deal with rumors that the league is considering relocating them to London. I’m not sure the NFL can ethically do that before Philip Rivers retires. Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to find a house in London that fits 11 people? Also, do they even sell bolo ties in the UK? I doubt it. This simply work if Rivers is still the Chargers QB. That’s all a hypothetical though, what isn’t is that whichever of these teams gets the win here will set themselves up nicely for a run at a wild card spot. On the other hand, the losing team could see their season go down the tubes, especially if it’s the Chargers, who could soon be traveling to games on the tube. 

Chargers 30-27

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