NFL Picks - Week 11 Thursday

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland 
The Steelers come into Thursday with a four game winning streak and a chance to effectively end their rival’s season. If I were a more crass individual I would say that Pittsburgh has the opportunity to flush the Browns. And if I were even crasser than that I could go so far as to say that while the Steelers have been solid lately the Browns have not been solid, meaning it’s probably time for a change in diet. But I’m not that crass, so I won’t say either of those things (But it’s pretty funny right? Because brown is the color of poop?). Cleveland did snap their four game losing streak last week, but the performance was hardly impressive, and it will likely take a better effort on Thursday to beat Pittsburgh. But that shouldn’t be too difficult, they just have to try harder. I don’t get why more NFL teams don’t do that. Judging by their season so far though, trying hard could be a problem for the Browns. 

Steelers 23-18

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