NFL Picks - Week 12 Thursday

Indianapolis @ Houston
This clash could decide the AFC South champion, and I for one hope the Colts come out on top. Why, you ask? Oh you didn’t? You’d rather I just shut up and move on? Well tough S A-hole! I want Indy to get the win and go on to take the division because that opens up the path for the Texans to end up as the #6 seed and travel to Kansas City to take on the likely #3 seeded Chiefs. That game would be a super entertaining scorefest with a 0% chance of disappointing. Sure, I thought the same thing about last Sunday’s Texans/Ravens game, and then Houston went out and laid a big ol’ stinker. But there’s no way that could happen again! That being said, it could absolutely happen on Thursday against the Colts. Last time these teams played Indy won 30-23, and Thursday nighters aren’t always known for their excitement (NBC’s original “Must-see” lineup notwithstanding). All things considered though I think the Texans do get back down to biz here and potentially ruin my dream Wild Card match-up. 

Texans 23-20

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