NFL Picks - Week 15

Morning Games

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

The Battle of Ohio Part II - The most unwanted sequel since Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. If Delhomme is still starting this one's a toss-up, as in the ball will be repeatedly tossed up for grabs by both quarterbacks.

Browns 20-16

Washington @ Dallas

One team's an underachiever whose veteran coach and zany owner only aided in their poor performance this season. The other is the same exact thing.

Cowboys 31-14

Houston @ Tennessee

Just when you think Houston has had its most heartbreaking loss of the season they top themselves. It's possible that their games are being fixed by Steve Sabol in an effort to create a super entertaining NFL Yearbook. If that's the case it only stands to reason that Sabes won't stop pulling the strings now.

Titans 27-24

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis

I'm so glad that the Jags have hung around this long, now it will only be sweeter when the Colts crush their souls with a good ol' fashioned Manning Stomp. I'm thinking 400+ yards 4 TDs and 3 babes made out with during halftime.

Colts 30-21

Kansas City @ St. Louis

Three weeks ago Matt Cassel torched the Seahawks, he owes it to us to play in this game and play well. If he doesn't he's my new least favorite player in the league, right behind Hines Ward. (I had to think for a while who my least favorite player in the league was, but I think it's him. Please post your own in the comments section.)

Chiefs 24-20

Buffalo @ Miami

The Dolphins really came through for me last week with yet another road win. And now it's time for them to come through again with a home loss. Much like it was asking a lot for them to beat the Jets last week, it's going to take a big effort for them to lose to the Bills. But at this point it's unavoidable, they have to lose.

Bills 17-16

Detroit @ Tampa Bay

Time for my Wacky Pick of the Week: Sensing that the Lions really need this game and that now is the perfect time, Barry Sanders will come out of retirement for one game only. His final stats will be 7 CAR 16 YDS. Did you really expect the guy to do that well, he's like 45 now.

Buccaneers 28-17

Arizona @ Carolina

Good for Jay Feeley, he finally has a comeback for anybody who brings up the Hawks game from '05, "Oh yeah, did you see that game when I scored 25 points?" Of course, the person will answer no because nobody watched the Cardinals-Broncos game last week, but that's not the point. What will Feeley do for an encore? My guess is miss a potential game winner.

Panthers 16-14

New Orleans @ Baltimore

I'm guessing that while Matt Schaub was throwing all over the Ravens D in the 4th quarter on Monday Night Drew Brees was laughing his ass off. It had nothing to do with the game, Brees was watching a Seinfeld re-run. Be that as it may, the Ravens better get it together before the Saints show up on Sunday.

Saints 24-22

Philadelphia @ New York Giants

The biggest NFC East game of the year and it's airing at 10am? Every other week the NFC East has had one of the night games and now this? I'm not saying I want another East game during primetime but this just seems insulting. It's like living in 1984 and Big Brother says "Ya know what 2+2 actually equals 4," but by that point you're like, "No, fuck you it's 5, you can't take it back now." (Or it might be nothing like that, I don't know)

Eagles 27-23

Afternoon Games

Atlanta @ Seattle

I've said it before but last week hammered it home even further, when the Hawks lose they really shit the bed. So either they'll lose this game by at least 3 scores or they'll win.

Seahawks 20-19

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh

In the Jets losses they've scored 9, 0, 3, & 6. I'm taking this into account, from now on if I pick them to lose I won't give them any more than 9 points. But, as it turns out Polamalu's not playing, so I have to go with New York.

Jets 20-17

Denver @ Oakland

There's no reason for anyone to watch this game, even if you're a Raiders fan and especially if you're a Broncos fan.

Raiders 34-17

Sunday Night

Green Bay @ New England

Mike McCarthy has said that he won't know whether or not Aaron Rodgers is going to play until Saturday, well that doesn't really help me does it!? I have no choice but to post two scores, the first one will apply if Rodgers plays, the second if he doesn't. Actually, posting two scores for every game isn't a bad idea, I'll probably start doing this for every game.

w/Rodgers: Patriots 31-20 w/o Rodgers: Patriots 38-7

Monday Night

Chicago @ Minnesota

Anybody catch that footage of the MetroDome collapsing? Crazy huh? To be fair, I don't blame Fox and ESPN for playing that clip every 10 minutes, it's one of the cooler things I've ever seen (this is #1). I'm sure both of these teams would rather be playing indoors, especially Chicago who made it clear last week that they refuse to play in the snow. Considering the Vikings have nothing at QB I'm forced to take Chicago.

Bears 20-6


wanamaker said...

I wish I could say Leonard Little is my lest favorite player, but I am pretty sure he is out of the league. At this point, that jets Roethlisberger to the top and a pretty choice.

Mr. F said...

Hated player: Darnell Docket.

Pig photo: I hate that kid, but the fact that those people fireballed all over the little idiots website was pretty hilarious. Where is that stuff anyway?

Good job on the picks by the way, I look forward to this over Simmons now.

Mr. F said...

Agree on Little, and also Porter... but they're barely relevant anymore, which is why Dockett is number 1 for me.

Mr. F said...

Also hate Hines and Stephen Jackson, but they haven't done too much to warrant my hatred. And big ben sure does suck too.

wanamaker said...

Also hate Hines and Stephen Jackson, but they haven't done too much to warrant my hatred. And big ben sure does suck too.