2011 Henry Cotto's Weight Loss Challenge

Well, we were holding our breath for some more competitors, but it looks like this will be the 4. Take a look at the tradition, do some research, whatever. Here it is.

And without further delay... this year's competitors:
Mr. Blue: 188.2 lbs.

Mr. Blue is hoping the third time is the charm as he tries for that ellusive HCM Weight Loss championship belt.
Mr. Red: 194.6 lbs.
He won the original competition, finishing second last year. I'd say he's a long shot for winning it this year.
Mr. Yellow: 203.4 lbs.
Last year's champ, and an early favorite for this year.
Mr. Orange: 208.6
This year's only rookie so far. I think he's got a real shot to lose the most. We'll see if he can get it done.

There they are. Who's gonna win? Place your bets. If any other competitors wish to enter, by all means... we always enjoy receiving shirtless pics.... I mean competition.

Good luck.


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"Be thankful you're not Mr. Yellow." - Reservoir Dogs