Seahawks vs. bears

Just a quick thread for the Mustacheers that flock to this site. Wanted to make sure you all had a place to be heard. Well HERE IT IS!!!!


Seahawks 108 Bears 3


Anonymous said...

Well, here we go again. Another playoff game, another opponent considered to be "superior," another laundry list of articles highlighting Seattle's "lesser" qualities and "lucky" performance against the 'Aints....I don't know about everyone else (hawks fans I mean), but the negative press only gives me MORE confidence in our boys. The best way to motivate a team is to call them "underdogs" - the best way to deflate a team's confidence is to label them "superior"....The Bears are gonna find out the hard way (much like the Saints did) that falling under the latter category is not as pleasant as one might think.

"I'll give you a winter prediction - it's gonna be cold, its gonna be gray, and its gonna last you for the rest of your life" (for Chicago that is)

-Phil Connors

.....Seahawks 21 Bears 10

Mr. F said...

The Bears that is. I hope that was clear.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's clear Mr. F - I can see it now...a stadium full of overweight, mustache-wearing, middle-age white guys carrying on about Ditka while choking down polish sausages and cheap beer - only, when it's all over and the final whistle blows, every one of them is gonna simultaneously go into cardiac arrest at the sight of a scoreboard that reads Seattle 21 Chicago 10 - DAAAAAA HAWKS!!!!!!