He's baaaaaaack

Take it away Draft Guru Pete!!!


Pete said...

In the words of Paul Ellering, I have returned! And most of you are probably as excited as we all were back on that life-changing day when Mr. Ellering returned.

The Draft Season is already underway with the Senior Bowl practices having wrapped up. Expect a post tomorrow with a recap of the practices and possibly a running log of the actual game.

But I want to take this opportunity to also mention another draft. This one for the NHL All-Star game. These geniuses found a way to combine the meaninglessness of an All-Star game and the greatness of a draft. Usually they say you have to wait 3 years to evaluate a draft, but for this one, you only have to wait two days to judge this one. Never has a draft had such immediate reprecussions.

My only predictions are Staal takes Cam Ward very early and they take the Sedin twins one after the other. They've never played against one another and the NHL won't pass up on this Demolition-89-Rumble-style match-up. And I bet they rig it so that Staal snubs his brother with his last pick.

And how the hell is Lidstrom still in the league?

Pete said...

Please note that this post was made 2 seconds before he picked Ward #1

Pete said...

In the words of Meatloaf (I think), two out of three aint bad. And for longtime followers of HCM, you know that if I'm making picks at 66% we're in for MUCH improved draft coverage.

Mr. F said...

NFL draft Pete. NFL.