NFL Picks - Week 13 Thanksgiving

Green Bay @ Detroit

Ever since Aaron Rodgers cracked a wing, the Packers have hardly been on a roll. In fact, beating them has been easy as pie. While some Packers fans may be giving thanks that Matt Flynn is back behind center, I still expect the Lions to beat the stuffing out of these turkeys.

Lions 30-20

Oakland @ Dallas

The Raiders had a chance to be tied for the final spot in the AFC playoffs but blew a late lead at home against Tennessee; what a bunch of turkeys! While Matt McGloin has been passable so far for Oakland I expect him to get gobbled up on the big stage. But I suppose that's what you get when your quarterback options are a bunch of leftovers.

Cowboys 31-16

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

Up until recently these teams were playing like real turkeys. The mere fact that they're back in the playoff race has to be considered gravy. Expect these two squads to mash each other until the final buzzard sounds. The good news for whoever loses is that with the AFC wild card picture in such a fowl state, a 5-7 record doesn't necessarily mean your goose is cooked. Nor does it mean your turkey's cooked. Also, yams. It's Thanksgiving!

Ravens 23-20

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