NFL Picks - Week 2 Thursday

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore

What did we learn from Week 1? At this point it's hard to say anything definitively. However, one thing we can now say for sure is that you can't perform a jumping kick to an opponent's chest/face. Even if you have the ball. And even even if the other guy is a punter. But is it actually in the rule book, or did it just look so crazy that the refs felt obligated to throw a flag? I'm going to guess it's the latter. But who knows, I'm not a ref, I've never claimed to be. The closest I came would have to be when I went to a costume party as Denis Leary's character from the movie The Ref. And in case you're wondering, no, most people did not get it. Anyway, as impressive as the jump-kick was, the Steelers' 2nd half collapse was equally unimpressive. Meanwhile, the Ravens had an opposite experience; running out of time before they could complete a double digit comeback. Clearly Baltimore is the one trending upward here and it would be hard to imagine them losing two straight at home to open the season.

Ravens 24-20

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