NFL Picks - Week 11 Thursday

Tennessee @ Pittsburgh
NBC has announced that the majority of this game will be broadcast from the point of view of the SkyCam, partly in an effort to attract a gamer audience used to this view while playing Madden. It’s an interesting tactic, but if they really want Madden players to tune in NBC has to go the extra mile and allow viewers to talk to one another via headset throughout the contest. Sure it will be a jumbled mess of millions of voices rife with curse words, racial slurs, and despicable trolling but ya gotta capture that millennial demographic somehow baby! Also, let’s not pretend that using the SkyCam for the bulk of a game is a new innovation, this was done 16 years ago. The league was the XFL and everything worked out just fine for ... is there still time for NBC to reconsider?

Steelers 27-20

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