NFL Picks - Week 9 Thursday

Buffalo @ New York Jets
If you would have looked at this game on the schedule before the season you would have said, "Barf, barf, barf!" It's unclear whether you would have actually vomited three times or just said the word "barf" but that's not totally my point. What I'm getting at is that this did not seem like an appealing matchup two months ago. Now, however, there's a bit of intrigue. The Bills have jumped out to a surprising 5-2 record while the Jets sitting at 3-5 may be even more unexpected. If you look at this game today you might give it an appreciative, "Shit ..." Again, it's unclear if in that moment you just said "shit" or actually defecated, but if it was the latter I hope for your sake that you were on a toilet or in a safe place. Speaking of that, the Jets have dropped three in a row, but have hung tough in each of them; can they make a splash on Thursday night? I say no, the Bills will flush their hopes and wipe away what's left.

Bills 26-17

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